About pages are the hardest to write. It’s hard to write about yourself if you are English! Generally, we don’t do self praise or promotion very well. I have done shows for the British Army, University of Surrey, Renaut, and a plethora of other well-known establishments. Yes, I did write that sentence just to use the word plethora. The world is an ever-changing place and we move on. I have a ten-meter swimming badge but rarely swim so I find that listing my magical achievements can seem a bit.. well pushy. You are after all only as good as your last show. That said I need to bite the bullet and demand that you take serious note of my close-up, stage and comedy awards. One of which is only given for exceptional comedy and so is not awarded every year. I am one of only two people to have held this converted trophy for three years or more. I think magically that is my proudest achievement along with my work teaching magic in my role running both local and international magic groups/conventions. Oh and the Magic Circle should go without saying, even though I have just said it…. See.. told you it’s hard stuff to write!