With many successful shows, it’s hard to choose the best responses, so instead, I have taken the liberty of selecting those from shows that I especially felt privileged to be part of. I once returned home and upon opening an envelope read a delightful card stating how much the lady who booked me and her guests had enjoyed the show, with many commenting on my wonderful performance. It also contained a cheque for my fee. The envelope had been passed to me by one of her helpers during the evening. Nothing wrong with that you may say. The only problem was the helper, not wishing to forget to pay me, gave me the envelope (and the card expressing how great I was) before I went on stage. Moral: Never ever believe your own press, and yes, I have included it in the list below.

Stage/Family/Church Show
Dear Dave. Following yesterday evening’s superb presentation at Heathervale I wanted to write and encourage you that I have received so much positive feedback from all who attended, both Christian and not yet Christian alike. Your act was extremely professional, the magic was incredible and your humour brought much laughter to those present. You obviously enjoy what you do and this translated into two sets of fantastic entertainment which indeed left folk not sure if they could believe it or not!

Church Childrens Party
Thanks for your two shows last week, the kids really enjoyed it and you had the adults baffled as well. Keeping this lot quiet for 45 minutes is no mean task. PS the next day the number of kids doubled as a result of hearing about your exploits!!

Close Up 70th Birthday Party
I would like to thank you for your wonderfully informal close up magic. It was agreed by all to be something different which set the day up as being a memorable occasion. They are still talking about it now (My Mum)

Stage/Family Show
Well folks, last night saw the very first Magical Cabaret at Eastwood Baptist Church. To say it was fantastic is an understatement!! Neil

Childrens Show
Dear David, thanks very much for a great show – the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids. My boys (and I include my husband in that) are still trying to work out how you did THAT TRICK. Wendy

Stage Show
Hi Dave,thank you very much for the entertainment you gave me and my guests at my party. A number of people have commented on how much they enjoyed it and how well you included the family. Everything went just as I had planned and I had a brilliant time which I will remember for ever – thank you for your support, especially as the weather was so awful! Best wishes Dinah

Stage Show
David thank you so much for coming yesterday with your Magic Show. We have had so many positive comments, and everyone enjoyed it immensely.It was very different from anything we have done as the follow on from the lunches.I hope you had a good journey back to Aldershot. A big thank you from us all. With all good wishes,Jean Wynd

Church Childrens Show
David, we loved your show… thanks so much for doing a grand job.Kind Regards Jane Gate

Church Youth Talk
David, Thanks for this – and even more thanks for a great event which was very much enjoyed and appreciated. Colin

Table Magic
Did not get to see you in action. Sorry! But judging by the constant hysterics coming from the tables I’m guessing you were doing more than ok!

Stage Show
Dear David. Thank you so much, on behalf of Heart Herons for another marvellous magic show at the BBQ. Much enjoyed by everyone there. Hilary tells me her Irish guests were still arguing about how you did it (especially the pineapple) when she left them at the airport! Best wishes Carole Johnson (hon.sec)

Stage Show
I have to admit I was expecting it to be good but it was far better than I had imagined. I really had a good night and so did my brother. In fact Jules has asked why the Soul Sisters can’t have a night like that. There you go, you have your own fan club now. Terry.